Motorsport Parts


To ensure a high quality standard we use the best available materials available out there.


The enclosures are made of SLS 3D printing PA 2200. After the manufacturing process the enclosures are sandblasted and colored with a high end finish in black. To make them as strong as possible we use aluminium inserts to around the fixing holes. The result is a lightweight but stiff enclosure. For motorsport applications we can also print the enclosure in even stronger materials like Alumide, Carbonide or even titanium.


Our button and back plates are CNC milled and we can supply two different materials. You can choose between 100% real PrePreg carbon fibre or black anodized aluminium. On both types of panels we can add custom engravings for labeling your buttons, or add your logo to the wheel.

Shifters and clutch paddles

The shifters and clutch paddles are both manufactured by Martin Ascher, who is well known for his high quality magnetic carbon shifters. We are now working with him since more than one year and we never got disappointed.

Electronic Components

Our partner for mostly all electronic components is Leo Bodnar. He is well known for high quality USB controllers and the SimSteering servo wheel.  


All wires we use are also based on automotive standards and can stand tough environments. The standard connection of a wheel to your PC is done via an USB connector, but there is also a premium option available.

Labels and Button Guards

For even more customizations you can use labels on buttons or rotarys. To prevent unintentional button actions you can add a button guard to your wheel configuration.


Mostly our products are custom made and so the prices differ extremely depending on the wishes of each customer.

Rough calculations will end with 700 Euro for a normal open plate with a SLS hub, 900 Euro for a button plate with an enclosure and a stand alone controller unit, 1100 Euro if you add a SLI unit and 1300 Euro if you want a GP2/3 Display.


Basically the following price list is used for calculations:

Carbon button plate: 60 Euro

Carbon back plate: 40 Euro

Martin Ascher Formula/GT Shifter: 135 Euro / 140 Euro

Knitter Buttons: 15 Euro / each

APEM Aluminium Buttons: 10 Euro / each

Other Buttons: Price on request

Two-Way Toggle Switches: 10 Euro / each

Rotary Encoder with Aluminium Cap: 12,50 Euro /each

Button Guard: 10 Euro

Labels for complete wheel: 20 Euro

Colored Labels for Rotarys: 2.50 Euro / each

Small Part Kit (USB wire, screws, soldering material): 25 Euro


Choose one of the enclosure versions:

SLS 3D Enclosure with Aluminium Enforcements: 220 Euro

SLS 3D Hub for open plates: 100 Euro


Choose one of the controller units. Other displays and dashs are possible as well:

Controller: 30 Euro

SLI Pro: 150 Euro

SLI F1: 180 Euro

GP2/3 Display: 375 Euro


Engineering: 100 Euro

Soldering and Assembly: 120 Euro